it's 4 AM and i'm up because it's 7 PM in taipei and right now id be eating dinner and it would probably be delicious because i've never had a truly shitty meal in taiwan.

except one time at the airport just ahead of my flight to seoul. it was one of those porkchop over rice 便當 with tea boiled egg and some basic greens. it was oily and stale tasting like maybe day old microwaved and then marinated with oils and then left out in a room and then microwaved and then served. i had three bites, all of which i later threw up just 10 minutes after we hit 10,000 ft and were allowed to unbuckle.

but other than that, bon apetit! yummy meals 5 days out of the week, phenomenal 1, average 1.

what do i think about when i am up at 4:12 AM?

  • i think about those cone shaped paper cups in stack against a watercooler at the dentists office or other arbitrary waiting rooms. why do they? they are only really fit for snow cones or a blank canvas of a mini party hat you can decorate with markers and glitter paint. conclusion: they're prob just cheaper than reg cups.

what do i think about at 4:21 AM?

  • how awfully cold it is in my home and generally outside in the south bay. it is an icebox. it is an igloo. it is an ice cold penguin cave. i have had to wear long jackets with fur lined hoodies every day thus far. conclusion: it makes hot showers and sleeping in so much cooler. NPI

4:28 AM?

  • how content i am with LinkedIn's new Profile page (shoutout andy chen!) and Hulu and Netflix. speaking of which, thank you to my brother for hooking me up with his hulu+ and netflix accounts. i am streaming like crazy in the idle moments of my daily life. conclusion: i am into iconography, intuitive scrolling, and watching sht to pass the time. lately 'new girl' (tv) and 'tiny furniture' (film) both are legit!

4:33 AM?

  • how lucky i am to be able to write to keep me from thinking about how desperately i cannot sleep. and/or how i just can't fly across the ocean to taipei, taiwan R.O.C.

4:36 AM?

goodnight, xx


Authorjustine lee