(not all six things reflected in photos)

1. the warmth of thanksgiving - i'm making mashed potatoes and a fusili, spinach, proscuitto bake thru martha stewart recipes, mostly just excited to get cozy with family and high school friends in cupertino...not many more years of this type of thanksgiving left i reckon so let's enjoy it

2. planning for ireland - brother bought me the national geographic traveller book on Ireland and i just bought myself a rain jacket, so excited to see the greenery, wild flowers and life of the locals

3. the taste of honey - namely the oregon blackberry infused 8 oz jar of honey (from beekind) i bought at the ferry building a few weeks ago. drink it with tea, eat it with comte and toast, delicious, simple, saccharine goodness

4.cottage cheese - another food item i recently discovered i love

5. friendship - thank you for friendship most often through gchat, i have archived all my convos and am glad because cute collage/gifts for the future and just nice text to reference when i need a laugh and sometimes for links, information, ideas

6. television - like Glee, the Wire, Modern Family, 30 Rock, Mad Men...characters I love and get emotional on behalf of. you guys are great.

Authorjustine lee