Day 3 - SUNDAY

I did a trial journey to National Taiwan Normal University where I will take Mandarin classes for 3 weeks starting on August 8. It's about a 40 minute trip including some walking + 25 minute MRT (Taipei's subway) ride. Once there, I took a pic with Confucious. The four Chinese characters on the statue are the principles of the University include Integrity...Hard work...Non-Materialism...and I forget the other.

For lunch, I ate Pho, which was really good. Thicker noodles + lighter, fresher less salty tasting broth. The beef was chewier, too. The basil + sprouts came in the noodle soup, another difference.

Then, I hung out with Jess! We had a snack at Sogo and then went back to her place to lounge by the pool and dip our feet in. After lounging, we met up with her parents at Din Tai Fung and talked about Eastern Medicine and "chi" or body's energy. It was an enlightening conversation leading me to believe that I should no longer drink ICE COLD drinks because it messes with your chi. I think this will be hard though given THE HEAT and the familiarity of it.

I got home and then my cousin Willis (or, Wu Tse Wei) called and invited me to go out with him and his friends who are all new graduates so around 22 years old. We went to 85 Lounge and played Liar's dice. We communicated in both English and Mandarin. We played so that if you lost you either had to finish your drink or answer a question from the person who called you out. I never lost, but one girl lost a lot and had to answer questions like How far did you go with your ex-bf? It turns out, not very far. Hand holding. I enjoyed my night with them all especially the boy to my right who at one point got up and said  very politely "Excuse me I have to urinate." Later, he said "I am very honesty," when I asked him if he had answered his punishment question truthfully. He was adorable. I left with Willis a little early, took one of the last trains back and I was in bed by 1 a.m.

Day 4 - MONDAY

I didn't take many pics. This day, yesterday, I moved in to my new place! It's nice for one person and especially for paying NADA. I will post pics and even a video tour in the next week or so.

NEWSFLASH: I got bitten by a mosquito!! Two bites so far, both on my right arm. I have included a pic of this. Hopefully the first of ONLY a few!

Another fact: I wear my hair up everyday, I walk with an umbrella and a little towel to wipe sweat everywhere I go outside. My grandma thinks every top I wear is too low cut and every pair of shorts is too short. She is a little scenile and doesn't really know who I am so she'll call me the mandarin equivalent of "Miss," and ask if I would consider changing my outfit. I laugh and explain to her the heat is unbearable, I have to wear very little. She says, Nonsense.

I've also included photos of Taiwanese breakfast bread, which is the best, a homecooked noodle dish my aunt made which was d-lish, and also, a pic of a taro root cake and the little tag that came on its box.

What else happened this day? I watched that Taiwanese woman golf player win a big tournament on TV. I took an afternoon nap. Life is good.


I probably will not spell out my days like this in subsequent posts. I think I'll try to do more themed recollections. Still figuring it out. Is there anything you want to know about or see?! Tell me by commenting!!

Love to all.

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