Last night I had a dream that I was in some sort of competitive game situation.

I don't know if it was televised or why or how I was participating, but I do know this:

I was on a team with my closest friends and family. We were one team of dozens of others, teams of about five to ten people, bundled together across a wide and dry savanna. We were huddled together, holding one another, bracing ourselves for something INSANE that was about to happen...

The organizers of this "game" were going to release a massive herd of wild elephants and it was framed to us as LIFE OR DEATH, specifically: "There is one elephant that is 'assigned' to each team, and if they choose to trample and kill you, which we were prepped to believe was most likely the case, so be it. If you choose to fight back, good luck."

The terror felt so real. I remember thinking, "OK. I guess this is how I'm going to die." Because, really, how do I fight a 10,000 pound animal that feels threatened by me and has no reason to give a shit. Everyone on my team, we just looked at each other with care and concern like "What can we do? This is it. p.s. I love you." We had just accepted our fate, that dying was a very real possibility. Here we go...



The elephant that came charging at us, our "assigned elephant", was a baby! Instead of stomping on us or ramming into us with great force, it licked our faces with its tongue and tickled us with its trunk. IT WAS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We survived!

That was the dream. When I recounted this to my family the next day, they laughed, and said maybe I had the dream because we ate at a Thai restaurant the night before and there were wooden elephant carvings all around us. A solid consideration.

But what was crazy to me is the day after the dream, I visited the Detroit Institute of Art, and came across this:

Elephants are on my mind, they are in my life.

- J

Authorjustine lee