(I want to remember all the fun little things from my week, and maybe this will help with SEO for brands as I am a consumer, after all.)

- the Sopranos, middle of season 2, if the violence is too much, I simply look away.

- Nat King Cole's voice singing any Christmas song

- breaking in my new Sam Edelman laced up booties

- discovering there's a Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot in SF, and eating there.

- watching (on TV) the Warriors extend their W streak to 14, that comeback against the Rockets was major. 

-  FaceTiming Jason for the first time overseas

- sending my first work email to really important folks, ie the Exec team

- cuddling with coops

- being able to do real pushups in barre

- another slowcookin' success: lamb shank with red peppers and feta cheese

- watching people ice skate in the middle of union square, a lot of couples, overconfident zippy 7 year olds, and one pair that was particularly heartwarming: two old men, the more mobile one was holding onto the less mobile one, slowly, patiently guiding him across the rink

- speaking with another truck driver who was very generous with his time and with his heart, he sang me a song he's been working on about life on the road, i blogged about it (below)

- lastly, having only positive stories from a hazy holiday party last week, including this:

<3 J

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