One recent Friday morning on Caltrain, on my way to work, I find myself sitting behind an old man, probably in his late 60s. He's on his flip phone chatting with his buddy recounting the details of his night last night -- wherein he brings a lady home. His voice is loud, he is eager to tell the story. I can tell he is happy.

The audio clip and part of the transcription are below. I've bolded my favorite lines.

And we went back to the house and she says:

"Lou, I'm really not interested in the guy who does the tree trimming."
She says, "I'm here with you." and - um - that's it.

But you see, you see, but I didn't --  No. The guy shook my hand. 
and he said: "Can I have one of your cards? You do lots of a good things." 

and I remained cordial. But one thing which is a turn off to a woman if you act possessive if there's jealousy there.

and I just said "Hey, do you want to give me a run home. I was talking to a lot of other people there that knew me."

Anyway, the bottom line was, she came back to Palo Alto. We went over to the Togo's and got a small tuna sub and we went back to the house.
and she says "I can sleep in my car right now."

I said, "Look, i got a whole basement down here. Whatever. It's your call."

She says "You know, it might not be a bad thing to stay in a bed tonight, instead of.."

She had a hatchback thing, anyway, so she came in...
huh? hang on -- 

Sometimes where she is. No, she's not homeless. She's got a place over the hill um in the Santa Cruz area, but she's not all the way into Santa Cruz, but she's over the summit.

So she stayed and uh you know, we, I...yeah.

Anyway, she left this morning.

She sent me a text, I'll read it in a minute.

Anyway, she walked out, and she said "Hi guy with the computer!" and it was Jim, Jim and Cathy, the two that live in the back with the dog.

and so, I said "Drive safe. I'll talk to you later."

So she goes out the door, and Jim looks at me and gives me the high five sign. He says, "Lou, way to go!"

<and then there's more but it's a babbling mess, and I am too lazy to transcribe further>

My thoughts about this? 

He clearly has no sense of etiquette on public transportation. I guess older people still have wild nights out on the town. They still get butterflies, and that's cute. I didn't know Togo's was still around.

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