so i'm doing this self-betterment thing where each week, i choose a project, skill, or challenge and complete, "master", or overcome it in seven days.

crochet copy.jpg

i've wanted to learn to crochet (pronounced crow-shay) for awhile now. because my mom is a master crocheter, i've seen what is possible with just a little bit of string and a needle. i've also wanted to make some gifts for friends and family, namely cute coasters and table top decorations.

lucky for me, my mother is a willing teacher.

what i thought would be an easy time, was in fact a constant struggle. today i learned the basic maneuvers, and after only 10 minutes of crocheting, my left hand was numb. like legit numb. I think my right brain has really been cruising most of its life because my left hand was just so incapable of keeping up, and making adjustments as my right hand was working away. i only lasted long enough to make a very small three inch thing. but tomorrow is another day! the week is young! i will strengthen my right brain-left hand and crochet a GD coaster !!! no matter how many knots, dips, and unravels it takes!! for now, i am pleased with the little thing that when folded together creates what could be a tiny lampshade or a skirt for a small doll. any doll accessory makers out there interested in my work? feel free to hit me up. 

Authorjustine lee