i just spent five days in austin, and had a grand ole time. it was muggy, there was downpour on two out of five of the days, and i was carded three times at one establishment in one night, but the chill and awesome far outweighed the negs, and i totally get why on average, each day 70 new people move into the fine city.

here are my top ten experiences, with photos and video included below (click to activate). i want to also send my love and thanks to the best girls i could have experienced the city with (in order of appearance) Daffee, Inbario, Ranita, and Neh. next time let's pack our own liquor. ;) and to my cousins Esther and Christine, and all friends who sent in recs on what to do, where to eat. you guys know what you're talking about.

'Til we meet again @ Austin City Limits or sxsw or no reason at all but just to be there,



  1. the first five bites of the fatty side of beef brisket @ franklin bbq, after waiting 3.5 hours in the pouring rain, with no umbrella, just a small trash bag made into poncho
  2. dancing two step with a 70 year old texan gentleman, once i got the swing of things @ broken spoke (the last true texan dance hall)
  3. bob schneider breaking out in what sounded like it could be his version of fresh prince of bel air, an autobiography @ nutty brown cafe
  4. the wild trout sashimi melting in my mouth @ uchiko
  5. the way the lights strung across the sky in back and front yard bar patios on East Sixth and Rainey St.
  6. taking the pulse (wrist) of ollie, bob schneider's keyboardist, after he performed a series of seriously wild dance moves, high kicks, fist pumps, low grinding, everything just right, on beat, and then reporting to him his heart rate read: "higher than a cheetah's"
  7. meeting fine, sweet, spicy pickles left and right, including the first, billy, the second, andrew, the third, treven, and the fourth, bob schneider (and a bunch of anons in between)
  8. the long sip of the best bloody mary i've ever had the pleasure of @ south congress cafe
  9. the OCD squirrel who did a little dance for us in front of the state capitol building
  10. hearing a member of austin's house of reps quote confucious "choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life," which was met with alarming applause.
Authorjustine lee