Last week, my family and I were talking about Wichita St.'s journey to the Final Four.

The next night I had a dream that I was on a train with my friend to Wichita. Awaiting us, was fun we couldn't stop talking about.

Next morning in real life, I told said friend my dream. He told me a song he really likes is called 'Wichita.'

Next day, I watched an iOS 7 concept video that had The White Stripes' Seven Nation Army (key lyric: 'I'm going to Wichita') as its soundtrack.

A few hours later, I watched a Louie episode in which Louis CK recounts, to his friend, a dream he had in which they were going on a train somewhere and it was lovely...

the powers above, message received. I'll be going to Wichita. by train!

Wichita, Kansas according to Google Maps

Authorjustine lee