Cuddler for Hire: This was my very first audio story and one I co-produced with my friend Mary Smith. We each cuddled with a professional cuddle therapist named Travis, and talked about it. The story was published on in Sept 2013.

Death Song: I've often wondered about the last few moments before a person dies. How could we make that experience better? What if in your last moments as a beautiful breathing human, you could trigger a song of your choice to play in your head and serve as the soundtrack to your last thoughts, your last breaths -- to make it a little less terrifying, a little less lonely? What song would you like to die to?

I answer this question and pose some more in this piece which I produced for my application to volunteer with KALW. Thank you to my best friends Neha Raghavan and Ran Liu for their help.

In the summer of 2016, I was a volunteer reporter at KALW, San Francisco's oldest public radio station. I learned from some of the best editors, producers, and sound engineers, and had a blast. Here are three stories I sought out, wrote, produced, and partly edited.